Premium Sunflower Hearts Wild Bird Seed

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Premium Sunflower Hearts for Wild Birds & Wildlife

High Energy  |  Oil Rich  |  High Protein  |  No Grow  |  Nutritious  |  Bakery Grade

Our Premium Bakery Grade Sunflower Hearts are a high energy wild bird seed, rich in oil and protein and attract a wide variety of birds. The husks have been removed making it easier for wild birds to feed and enjoy these nutritious seeds. Also, as there is no husk, these seeds will not germinate. This is a very popular wild bird food which is suitable for all year round feeding. These high energy seeds are also loved by hedgehogs, badgers, squirrels and other wildlife.

Suitable For: Seed Feeders, Bird Tables & Ground Feeding. Feed Year Round.

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Premium Sunflower Hearts are a valuable food source for a wide selection of birds and you will find them in most of our seed mixes. The high oil content makes this an energy packed seed that is great for year round feeding especially during the winter months when food is in short supply, during the breeding and moulting season and prior to migration. Feed these seeds from a feeder, bird table, or on the ground. Not for human consumption.


"In the bird feeders I mainly use sunflower hearts and now have an amazing amount of finches, gold finches, green finches and chaffinches that all eat from the feeders." Carol (Valued Customer at SPC Select)

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