SPC Select's Photo Competition Gallery!

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"Puffed up Robin in the snow."

Goilden RetrieverNathan
"My beautiful 10 year old retriever, still enjoying walkies in the snow!"

Grey SquirrelJackie
"Our cheeky little visitor!"

"Kite and Fizz."

"'A berry nice Robin."

"With all the excitement to get out and play in the snow Reuben forgot to take his false teeth out."


"Sheltering from the stormy seas."

"My little Alfie."

"Seemed like a good idea at the time"

"Just hangin' around."

"'Bank Vole. I absolutely fell in love with this little fella on a trip to Lackford Lakes in Suffolk."

"A healthy life balance counts for birds too."


"Young Robin paying a quick visit to a feeding station at Hatfield common."

"Alan, Alan, Alan....Steve."

"Long-tailed tit enjoying the afternoon sunshine, such a beautiful bird!!!"

"Shetland Puffin collecting nest stuffin'."

"'Hummingbird Hawk Moth."

"Finch just waiting for food."


"Common buzzard looking for his next meal."

"Oo'er! Bit of a tail wind there!... But I thinks I likes it!"

"King of The Fishers... a long 8 hour wait in a small cramped "hide" by a stream in Shropshire, was worth it."

"Frozen Swan Lake."

"'Dashing through the snow...’ Reuben loving the Christmassy weather!"

"I was loosing hope in capturing this fantastic animal, when suddenly it ran out of nowhere directly infront of my camera."


"Rescued hog, re-hydrated and released"

"Belle enjoying autumn."

"Sweet little reed bunting waiting for her turn of the feeder."

"Baby Snail exploring a Marigold "

"Checking to see if it is true that the grass is greener on the other side."

"My gardening buddy."


"The early bird catches the worm."

"Nuts about nature - this little squirrel came to say hello when I was having breakfast in a tree house in Wales."

"Painted Lady pausing."

"Frankie the hedgehog couldn't have been to happy to find 'Not so' Fantastic Mr Fox sleeping in his nest box!"

"Sun setting at Cresswell beach, Northumberland."

"Natures Crown - worn beautifully by my 14 year old Golden retriever Jasmine."


Water VoleHayley King
"After many years of loving these adorable, but sadly endangered mammals, i managed to capture a photograph of a water vole as he venture out of the reeds."

Richard Sells
"Sunset over Cotswold lake."

KestrelKath Leakey
"Kestrel at Frampton Marsh."

AnimalsEllie Lane
"Dotty and friend in the garden."

SwallowsSue Court
"Lunch has arrived for one young Swallow!"


ToadAdele Knight
"A lovely little visitor"

WoodpeckerGrahame Coker
"After studying the flight path of this wood pecker for a few hours, I set my camera to a position where I thought the best position would be to get a decent picture"

Great Crested CrebeDavid Batchelor
"Female Great Crested Crebe, with three young on her back,about 5 weeks old. Photo taken at Warnham Nature Reserve."

ButterflyFiona Cullen
"This beautiful painted lady butterfly was grown as a nature project in the nursery where I work with children aged 3-4."

Sarah Wilson
"My dog experiencing the beach for the first time."


Robin feeding youngDavid Batchelor
"Robin feeding young about 5 weeks old in an apple tree in the back garden."

FoxDesmond Loughery
"I spent 6 hrs laying on my stomach in a drain for this but it was well worth the wait. A penny for your thoughts right now."

Cocker SpanielDemi Millwood
"This is a photograph I took of my 10 month old Cocker Spaniel Kaden."

LandscapeSarah Knightley
"A very special place for me - Langsett Reservoir near Sheffield."

WaspPaul Attwood
"Up close and personal. Taken while out on my Sunday walk around Crayford."

SwanCarol Walker
"Portrait of swan at Yarrow Valley Park, Chorley. There is nothing as breathtakingly beautiful as a wild swan in all its glory and in its natural setting."

SquirrelIsobel Michael
"Inquisitive squirrel in St James' Park, stopped for a chat but I had no food to offer."

RobinAshlea Whiting
"Lake District beautiful Robin."


DandelionShaun Donockley
"A lazy late summer evening on the banks of the R Eden."

DeerNick Johns
"Deer in the New Forest."

DragonflyMatthew Hanwell
"A dragonfly sunbathing on a leaf, snapped during a walk last summer."

GoldfinchLuke Drake
"One of my adult Goldfinch's who visit daily for some fresh seed."

AdderDavid Batchelor
"Adder resting in afternoon sun. Taken at Pulborough Brooks."

RobinBev Hooper
"This is the robin that visits me everyday, feeding on sunflower hearts outside my kitchen window."

CygnetNicki Webster
"Taking a leisurely swim down the river Medway on a nice sunny early summers morning, stopping briefly for a little drink."

LambsKate Ireson
"Newborn lambs playing"


StagAllan Fullarton
"I took this photo at Woburn Abbey last year, wonderful holiday and magnificent sight that day."

SwanMelanie Page
"Serenity. Taken at Attenborough nature reserve Nottingham."

DogMichelle Sharp
"Here is Oliver aka My best friend and hiking buddy. We are always out and about on adventures seeing which path takes us where."

Blue Tit BabyJeanette
"This baby Blue tit came out of it's box and landed on our wall - last year - and sat there for quite a while."

Wild PoniesAlex
"The Quantock Hills in Somerset are home of semi-wild ponies, of mostly brown colour."

HarePhil Croucher
"This is a hare peeping over the top of a crop of sugar beet in Norfolk, one of my favourite captures!"

ButterflyMargaret Abram
"Beautiful butterfly paid me a visit in the garden."

ChaffinchBeccy Rowley
"My cheerful garden visitor, a beautiful Chaffinch."


SquirrelEmma Telford
"'Little Beggar' These grey squirrels know how to work the humans who frequent this little park in Scarborough. Who can resist them?"

KingfisherDavid Batchelor
"Iconic Kingfisher resting in the sunshine, a sight for sore eyes."

DeerAmy Bateman
"A deer in a frosty hollow captured went out for a wander with my Mum around a private fishing tarn."

SwansAnn Leeuwerke
"Follow the leader!"

DogsStephen Tower
"A photo of my best friend's having the time of their lives over the field!"