Robins are widespread across the UK and are one of the easiest birds to identify. They can be found year-round in various habitats, such as woodlands, parkland, gardens and urban areas. They prefer plenty of vegetation and cover, such as hedgerows and shrubs. They are very territorial birds. Often they can be seen singing from a prominent perch, warning other birds to stay away. 
Robins occasionally use hanging bird feeders, but mostly they prefer to eat from tables or on the ground.
Although their main diet consists of insects and spiders, they will consume seeds and berries, especially during the autumn and winter months.
SPC Select Extra Mix is a great food for your friendly robin. It is full of juicy raisins and tasty mealworms, not forgetting high energy suet pellets and other seeds. Dried mealworms are also a firm favourite as insects are an important part of their diet. SPC Select No Grow Mix is packed full of oil-rich and high energy sunflower hearts and peanut granules. They will benefit from the extra energy that these seeds will provide for them.

Why Not Try These Bird Foods?