The chaffinch is found year round in the UK. They are quite a social little bird. In areas of regular human activity, they can become very friendly. They have a preference for areas that provide some protection. Dense shrubs and hedgerows are popular as they are also ideal for nesting in the breeding season.

Chaffinches are regular garden visitors. They can often be seen foraging under bushes and hedgerows or scampering beneath bird tables for fallen seed. Their primary diet is seeds. By providing a good quality seed mix such as No Grow & No Mess Seed Mix you can help them year round. This mix is packed full of oil-rich and high energy sunflower hearts and peanut granules. They will benefit from the extra energy that these seeds will provide for them. Including during the winter months when food is harder to find and during the breeding and moulting season. You can also give them a treat with SPC Extra Mix which has nutritious mealworms added to the mix. Not forgetting High Energy mix which is also a firm favourite.

Why Not Try These Bird Foods?