No Grow Mix

Our SPC Select No Grow & No Mess Mix is one of our most popular wild bird seed mixes. It appeals to a wide variety of birds and is great for encouraging them into visiting your garden. Half the mix is made up of sunflower hearts and peanut granules. Both of these have a very high oil content, which simply means a good source of energy for the birds at any time of year. Pinhead oatmeal is the inner part of an oat that has been finely chopped. It is a nutritious seed that appeals to a variety of birds. Kibbled maize has been broken up so it is easily digested by smaller birds and provides a good source of oil and carbohydrates.

Another positive for this mix is that it is unable to grow. The sunflower seeds have been taken out of their shells, so there will be no husks left on the floor. None of the mix can germinate so no unwanted plants growing.

Feeding the birds year-round means they have a constant source of food available when they require it. Such as during the breeding season when they are busy looking after their young. Prior to migration, it is important for them to have the energy levels to complete their journey. Also, winter time can be specifically hard for birds to find a sufficient source of food. Other times of the year food can also be hard to come by. So having a quality seed mix readily available in your garden is always helpful to our feathered friends.

Sample size packs of 250g are available on our seed mix page. Which are normally enough to fill a 2 port seed feeder. So if you are shopping on our website why not add one of these to your basket.