River Yar 

Walking alongside the river we kept our eyes peeled for any wildlife we could spot. After ten minutes of searching we had only seen two joggers pass us by!! “Where were all the birds?” Then as we headed towards the road bridge we heard them before we saw them. A selection of ducks all congregating by the bridge. As we got closer not only could we see the ducks but also a line of gulls all perched on the bridge wall. They were waiting for something to happen! But what!

 Ducks on River Yar

We didn’t have to wait long to find out. As we approached a car past us along the road that crossed over our footpath and pulled up on the bridge. We heard a whirring noise as the electric window opened. We watched in amusement as pieces of bread came flying out of the window! In that moment the place came alive. All you could hear was a chorus of competing quacks and squawks.  Ducks and gulls were everywhere fighting each other for the tasty morsels of bread.

Seagulls on bridge

A couple of swans, gliding along the other side of the river, started to accelerate. They cut their way through the commotion of ducks and gulls. Hoping to secure a prime position for where the bread was landing. What a sight! Suddenly the bread stopped.  We heard the whirr of the electric window and the car pulled away. As quickly as the river had come to life with noise it went back to a tranquil peace. Until one of the ducks spotted us. "Quack". What felt like a hundred birds all turned their heads. Staring at us with longing eyes they looked up at us expectantly. “I’m so sorry,” I said, “we haven’t got anything to give you”.  I showed them my empty hands in the hope they would understand. We both looked at each other and feeling guilty we walked on…..