Raystede Entrance

I first visited Raystede centre for animal welfare many years ago. I was more than happy to have the opportunity to make a return visit. As a company, we donate food from SPC Select's range of Grain Free dog food for some of the dogs that are in Raystede’s care, whilst they are patiently waiting for their forever homes. I was kindly offered a chance to tour the site and to say that I was very impressed would be an understatement.

Once you drive into the large car park that fronts the site you can see how clean and tidy Raystede is. Everything feels fresh and new. From the planters and signs that welcome you to the backdrop of the main entrance building as you walk up the path. Raystede has managed to create a perfect harmony at their centre. They have combined going on a great day out to visit the animals, education and not forgetting to go in search for that new addition to your family.

Raystede centre entrance

Raystede encourages you to explore many of the sanctuary areas of the site.  The many rescue animals they have in their collection are wide and varied. I have to say one of my personal highlights was the wildfowl area and ponds which were a treat to explore. The summer holidays were in full swing when I visited and the exuberance and interest shown by the children were in full effect.

Raystede Centre

I was kindly allowed to have a behind the scenes look at the kennels and cattery. I was not surprised to see that the professionalism and care shown in the rest of the site were mirrored here. The work involved with rescuing and rehoming is far more involved than I realised. The Raystede team carry it out competently and with dedication.

Raystede Kitten

One of the things that stands out at Raystede is their ability to look to the future. They not only rescue and rehome animals but also provide a sanctuary for animals that need that extra help in life. They encourage learning about animal welfare and wildlife from a young age. Activity packs are provided on site. What better way to encourage a better understanding and respect for animals than in these surroundings?

Raystede Sanctuary

Finishing off at their friendly café for a tea and cake or a cooked meal is most definitely a perfect end to a visit.

At SPC Select we are glad we are able to support Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare in a small way by donating food for some of their rescue dogs. I most definitely recommend a visit.

Neil Martin